APB FairFight Guidelines



APB FairFight Guidelines

Cheating gives you a lot of information about your enemies in real-time (information they don’t have). Learn to use it wisely. If your goal is to never miss, never die and never lose, you will be banned immediately. If you want to make it to max rank, you can’t win every time. Purposely let enemies escape your fire. Don’t hit every shot. Give enemies kills now and then. Pretend you don’t see them behind every corner. It takes time to learn how to keep everyone fooled, but it’s not impossible. The biggest thing to remember is that there will always be someone better than you, whether you cheat or not because in the long run, they may still be playing, but you got banned for trying to be the best.

Here’s some stuff I feel is important to the subject;

It doesn’t detect cheats, it keeps track of everything you do in combat and is VERY good at what it does. It runs on rules to filter out the players who do the impossible too often. It also does not simply ban you for being ‘too good’, it will flag you for a GM to watch.

You can’t fool numbers but you can however, fool the GM spectating you. Many players (cheating or legit) are marked by FF, but are found innocent because the GM investigating the player had no reason to believe they were cheating. GM can’t see your overlay, so if you act as if a GM is always watching, chances are, you’ll never be banned.

Destroy Evidence
APB generates files with account/hardware info that can be used to ban a new account based on the fact you’ve been banned before. Always delete the ‘Account’ folder, ‘LastSession.bin’, ‘dxdiag.txt’ from your APB folder and the ‘HWID Spoofing Key’ line from APB-SystemBot-Default.cfg located in the same directory as the cheat loader.

I wrote a batch script to remove traces of a blocked account. Figured I’d share since it saves me time.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly harmless to your APB:R install (or Windows, for that matter). It only removes runtime files such as logs, crash reports, account/hardware info – all of which are generated every time you play. If for some unforeseen reason your game stops working, you can run a repair within the APB:R launcher’s options menu.

1. Save the following as a batch file (.bat).

del *.log /s
del *.dmp /s
del "Last_Session.bin" /s
del "dxdiag.txt" /s
rd "APBGame\Config\Account" /q
md "APBGame\Config\Account"

2. Move the file to “APB Reloaded” folder.
3. Open it while APB:R is not running.

Change your IP
This may not be a huge issue, but it’s better to be safe than to waste a week appearing completely legit only to be banned because you share the IP of a banned account.

Some service providers allow you to change your IP by simply removing the power from your modem. Others assign you a static IP that can only be changed upon request from customer service. The alternative is a VPN. There are a few free programs, the most reputable being Hotspot Shield. There is a free version, but the obvious downside is latency (I experienced 150-300ms at times).

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