Battlefielf 1 FairFight and how to avoid it

BF1 FairFight and how to avoid it

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 First of all FF DO NOT DETECT THE CHEAT. FF it’s a Stats-Based Anti-Cheat. So please do not blame SystemCheat if you got caught by it.
Now I will explain how FF works and how to avoid bans.
This first two steps aren’t necessary but i really raccomend following it for an extra-safe precaution.
-Do NOT shoot people through smokes.
-Do NOT prefire people without knowledge of their position.
Now here is how FF bans are applied.
First things you MUST know is FF bans are applied based on Stats/Level of the player.


An example is K/D. A consistent high K/D CAN make yourself BANNED. This K/D is applied in a different way for each case.
Depending on your LEVEL your K/D should NOT go over:
-Under Level 10 3.52 K/D
-Under Level 50 7.40 K/D
-Above Level 50 K/D do not matter that much. However I suggest you to stay lower than 11 K/D.
All of those stats are based on GUN KILLS so they DO NOT apply while using tanks/plane/others vehicle.


Accuracy is the MOST IMPORTANT Stats Above level 50 and pretty important under level 50.
If you are raging or playing with a semi-rage settings so that you DO NOT miss that many shoots. Take the time to shoot a full magazine on the floor to decrese it.
Please ALWAYS use Smooth aim. Always play if someone is spectating you for an extra-safty.
Rifile Accuracy should stay arround 40-50% 
Snipers Accuracy should stay arround 70/80%
Handguns Accuracy should stay arround 50/60%
Shotguns Accuracy should stay arround 60/70%

Rifile Headshot should NOT go over 60/70% Close Rage and 50/60% on Medium Range
Pistols Headshot should NOT go over 30/40%
Snipers Headshot should NOT go over 80%
Shotguns Headshots should NOT go over 50%
All those stats are based UNDER level 50. Above level 50 you can go a bit higher than that (since above level 50 you shuold have learned how to shoot), but I always suggest to stick arround those Stats.
Also keep in mind those stats are based on NON MOVING players. So to look more legit after killing an enemy who is moving, take a few more shots after you killed him (2-3 should be enought).


Now, those tips can actually be ignored since as far as I know there are no MOD Spectators watching the game. Anyway playing too obvious CAN get yourself REPORTED which mean more Stats-Based FF controlls.
-If an enemy spawn while you are running straight do NOT change direction. Sometimes you must die to look legit.
-Pre-aiming an enemy it’s always a Risky choice. You CAN Pre-Aim enemys as far as you random Pre-Aim also common spots! Pre-Aiming ONLY enemys it’s highly NOT RECCOMENDED.

If this helped you anyhow please let’s me know! Please consider that CHEATING always give a small chance to get yourself BANNED. Anyway by following this guide and using SerimCheat you can DRASTICALLY decrese this chance.
If I forgot something ask down here and I will be happy to help you guys out! Have Fun with

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