Battlefield Hardline Review

It’s Nguni1 once again reviewing another cheat.

First time using a system radar, died a lot first then i started to get the hang of it. I gotta say: IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER.

First of all BFH is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, its just another BF. 2nd even on July 2017 there are still online servers, where you can easily find 64 players TDM and other modes, so his make it worth the money if you plan on buying this cheat.The reason there is no Aimbot is because of Fairfight no doubt, and because SC plays it safe (wisely) they made it a System Radar.

Its safe i play all day raising no suspicions whatsoever, and best of all, all my kills are my own, product of carefully planned gameplay. Ima stick with this cheat for months to improve my aim, so i dont have to depend on Aimbots so much to kill stuff.

Thank you SC,

I recommend this all day long, because I’m having a blast with this game all day long (more like 3 hours a day long coz of work but thats fine lol).