GTA 5 review

Hello everyone, I bought again cheat here after long time, first time I bought for 1 month, then when I came back to GTA 5 Online I told myself: “I must buy this again”, so I bought it now for 6 months. Cheat is great, rating 10/10. Why? Because it’s powerful cheat, it has very very good options, but I only use Health Hack, No Recoil, No Police, very easy to finish missions and earn money. I like that they didnt added money hack, so you dont get banned that easy, they think for their customers 

Many people are asking: “This cheat is 100% undetected?”, well it is undetected, but use it smart. When I see players attacking me with rocket launchers then I turn off everthing with panic key, I dont want them to report me, but I use Health Hack and other options in every heist and they dont even notice that. Well, few people noticed because they was attacking me with a rocket launcher and maybe they reported but they can blow me. If you want to buy a cheat then buy it here because it’s safe and its instant delivery. I have paid via Paypal, downloaded cheat, started GTA and started having fun.

I like Super Damage and Super Impact, because with only one bullet you can destroy players tank, kuruma and other vehicles. Two guys was trying to kill me with a hydra, I take them down with only one bullet (Not both at same time lol), one by one. They was like “WTF, HOW”, I told them maybe it was a bug, they dont even know what is going on.

You can troll people in heists with Super Damage and Super Impact. How? When you turn that ON, I noticed when they are in same car with you and they shoot at vehicle then the vehicle fly away, they was like “What the hell is going on?”… I was laughing when i was trolling and they yell on voice chat. very fun to use.

I’m sorry for writing a long text and my English is bad  (I have learned English by watching cartoons and movies).

So, if you want a powerful cheat then buy it here, it’s not a waste of money, it’s cheap for a powerful cheat like this. If I had a stronger computer I would record how I cheat and troll peoples.

That’s all from me, thank you for reading, now it’s time to make a coffee and play GTA 5 Online…. (With cheats ofc).